Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Resurrexit Dominus!!

Happy Easter everybody!!!!!! :D Hope y'all had a wonderful day.

Our's wasn't so great because half my family is sick either with flu, or strep throat, or both at the same time. :P But we went up to Maryland to the Latin Mass (which was beautiful, btw!). Here's a link to some of the music the schola sang (shoutout to Spencer!!! You guys sounded uh-mazing, as usual): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zlSK8vn55ZA

And we got Krispy Kreme donuts afterward (yum!), and then came home to dye Easter Eggs.

Unfortunately, the eggs were dyed, hidden, found, and smashed before I could grab a camera, so I have no pictures to post. :P Just imagine eggs dyed by sugar-high small children and you have a pretty good idea of what they looked like. ;) After egg-hunting, my uncle came over and we had ham and green beans and sweet potatoes. Yum. ^_^

My brother and I went to Mass again later that day, and I thought Father had a really good sermon. He said that the Resurrection should give us hope, not only for the future when we will rise again, but also for the present; that even when it seems like there's no way out and everything's going to end and end badly, there is still hope. Even when it seems like the enemies of the Church have surrounded her and beaten her, she will rise again and even stronger than before. And so will we.

How was y'all's Easter? :)