Friday, December 21, 2012

Live-blogging the Apocalypse


We're all still here?


Ah well. On with Christmas-prep!

So if you walked into my house at the moment, you'd probably be seized with the irresistible urge to turn around and run away...or maybe to stay and help eat the cookies (just kidding; there are no cookies. There is fudge though. And as all of my IRL friends can tell you, that stuff's addictive).

Right now I've managed to escape to the dining room (the only empty room in the house, for now) and I'm listening to Straight No Chaser's Christmas album over and over again until I feel like jumping back into things. Because right now, I feel like I need something straight with no chaser.

Just kidding.


I'm actually not stressed at all about Christmas prepping this year. We host Christmas every year because in my family, it's customary for the household with the youngest children to host everyone else. And that's always us. ;-) So every year it's a bit of a mad rush (especially if my mom's expecting around this time of year...oy) to get everything ready and make sure there isn't any dirty laundry,  bits of fossilized food, or, ya know, embarrassing pieces of everyday life that accumulate in a house with six children. At least we don't have pets, right? :D

And we've actually gotten most of the cleaning done! It's a little nutty right now because we are sooooo close to the finish line, and we're actually a few days early! The relatives won't be here until Sunday, so we are in gooooood shape, my friends.

Of course, one of the littles will probably catch a last-minute cold, freaking out my asthmatic grandmother and great-grandmother (not because my great-grandmother is asthmatic, but because she freaks out when we're sick), and giving my mom a fit of hysteria. But we all have our dreams. ;)

Only 3 more days until Christmas Eve! Do you guys have any special Christmas traditions? Food, decorations, favorite Christmas carols/albums, etc.? :)

Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!


P.S. I finally got my SAT scores back! And I only have to take it one more time to bring up my math score! *happy dance*

Monday, December 17, 2012

May they Rest in Peace

I'm sorry I haven't posted lately...Christmas prepping has kicked into high-gear, and we still have half the house to scrub, presents to wrap, and cards to send.

But I wanted to take a minute to ask for prayers for all the families in Connecticut who lost their children last week in the most horrific shooting of our nations history. I can't even imagine what those parents and siblings must be going through right have your young child/brother/sister massacred in their classroom is beyond belief. And for it to happen this close to Christmas....I keep thinking of those 20-some empty stockings hanging there on Christmas morning...

And please pray for the soul of the young man who committed this terrible crime. He above all others needs prayers. He was obviously a very disturbed soul. May God have mercy on him.

Requiscant in pace.