Tuesday, April 16, 2013

On Changing Plans!

Happy Belated Easter!

Yay for a new liturgical season! And Spring is finally here, and we're almost halfway through April, and I'm graduating next month! *wide eyes*

Suddenly everything seems to be happening all at once. Also, I recently started working again for Little Buddy (the one with Downs) :D It's only three mornings a week for now, but once I'm done with school I'll start full-time. It's exciting and a little daunting at the same time. It's more daunting to think that I won't be in highschool anymore. I almost can't imagine it.

As far as this Fall goes, I sent an email to the admissions director asking about SAT scores, and apparently I'm good to go! All I need are my reference letters and an essay, and I'm in! I'm soooo excited. And now comes the fun part of saving up money. ;)

Annnd here comes the big news. I've kinda sorta changed my plans as to what I want to do after college. I've decided that although I love music, I don't think I can make it my life. And I've always loved to write. It's something I've known I would keep doing no matter what else I decided to do. So I came to the monumental conclusion that maybe that WAS what I could do. (*gasp*)

So my plan (for now...I'll believe it when I see it, so to speak ;)) is to get my degree from FisherMore in theology, and then go on to try to intern for some News organization (I'm hoping for somebody like Glenn Beck, but we all have our dreams ;)) and then eventually work my way up to being a journalist. And I'll probably keep writing novels and such. So you'll probably be seeing more news stories here. (*waits for collective groans to die down*) :D

And there you have it. My middle-of-the-stream switcheroo. And I will still keep studying music, but I don't think I can make a career out of it.

Also, please pray for the victims of the Boston bombing yesterday, and their families.

I have a few posts in the works. I'll try to post them later this week. Now I gotta "run" to class!



Anonymous said...

That's so exciting! Congratulations and good luck! Although judging from your writing here, you'll do great as a journalist! :)

Grace M. said...

Thanks! And actually, isn't that the field you're hoping to go into? Haha I'm sure you'll be much better at it than I. *looks over grammar/punctuation mistakes with distaste*

Miss Elizabeth said...

It sounds like you have some lovely plans for after graduation. I, too am graduating next month. Yay class of 2013! I'm excited, because besides my nanny job, I am going to be volunteering at a living history working farm. I'm a living history fanatic, so I'm really happy. That's great that you're going to FisherMore! My friend is going there too, and I think he's going to take theology as well!

Grace M. said...

Thank you! Haha your's sound far more exciting than mine! Living history is incredibly fun :D Yep! Oh cool! Is he doing their online program? What's his first name? I may know him :)

Grace M. said...

P.s. small world, no? ;)